Other Services

The following is a partial list of other projects and services we provide:

  • Benchmarking and database development
  • Charge master matching compliance
  • Clinic Evaluation Models for RHC
  • Critical Access Cost Evaluations and Interim Payable/Receivable Estimations
  • Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Forecasting Models
  • DRG/PPS payment modeling
  • Financial modeling and reporting
  • ESRD appeals, including High Percentage ESRD payments
  • Home health profitability analysis 
  • Medicaid managed care appeals
  • Pro forma and projection examinations and opinion, external users
  • Productivity benchmarking development
  • Program Enrollment Procedures and Licensure Completion
  • Provider Based-Private Practice conversions
  • PRRB appeals
  • Reimbursement estimation modeling and filing
  • Rural health clinic rate appeals
  • Volume decrease appeals