Firm Management Team

  • J. Brandon Durbin, CPA - Partner

    Brandon has over 30 years of accounting and consulting experience, primarily in healthcare. Brandon has been involved in public accounting and has prepared hundreds of cost reports for hospitals and other providers. The consulting services have included non-reimbursement areas such as physician contracting and joint venture structures, physician group formation, hospital development, acquisitions and sales of hospitals, foundation structures, and many other services for community hospitals, investor owned facilities, and health systems. Brandon leads our consulting practice which includes development and strategic projects, joint ventures, reimbursement projects and Medicaid disproportionate share and supplemental payment programs. Brandon has consulted with the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), served as a technical advisor the Rural Hospitals Issues Group, a Federal Advisory Committee for HRSA, a technical advisor to the Flex Program and to the University of North Carolina Health Policy Research Center. Brandon has also served as expert witness and provided court-admitted evidence in several trials and court proceedings. Brandon is involved with various health advocacy organizations as a speaker, board member, and committee member. Brandon is a CPA.

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  • J. Brent Fuller, CPA - Partner

    Brent has in excess of 25 years of experience in Medicare reimbursement for acute care hospitals, cancer hospitals, academic medical centers, and many other specialty health care providers. Prior to joining our firm, Brent was the Regional Director of Audit Field Offices for Trailblazer Health Enterprises. This included all offices in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. While with Trailblazer, Brent also was assigned to the Office of Inspector General, for various health care audits. Brent led many audits dealing with the highly complex and technical issues, including issues of graduate medical education, organ transplants, and disproportionate share. Brent also worked closely on several occasions in his position at Trailblazer, in assisting the Office of Inspector General (OIG) with investigative matters related to Organ Transplant Cost, Diagnosis Related Group Payment Analysis, and various other reimbursement issues. Brent manages most of our larger hospitals. cost reports, cost report strategies, and works with major reopenings and appeals, as well as special reimbursement projects and projections. Brent is also a member of several Accounting and healthcare financial advocacy groups, including HFMA, TAHFA, and TORCH and has also participated in many speaking engagements. Brent is a CPA.

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  • D. Mark Havins - Partner

    Mark has over 26 years of healthcare experience. All of Mark's experience consists of hospital financial and operational management. He has over 9 years of experience in not-for-profit settings and over 13 years working in the for-profit arena. He has held various CFO positions over the past 12 years. These range from surgical hospitals to rehab hospitals to acute hospitals to holding a regional CFO position managing 14 rural hospitals for a not-for-profit system. Mark provides various consulting and interim assistance to hospitals, working to strengthen their interim reporting and system development. Mark also consults in development and compliance with rural health clinics and federally qualified health centers, and physician issues. Mark manages Discovery Medical Network, a physician employment organization. Mark is a Principle with our firm.

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  • Traudi Bandura - Principal

    Traudi has over 28 years of experience in healthcare reimbursement and financial reporting, including large academic medical centers, hospital systems and children's hospitals. Her reimbursement consulting background includes 11 years with Ernst & Young, as well as financial and reimbursement management positions with large for-profit and non-for-profit hospital systems. Among her many accomplishments in Medicare and Medicaid regulatory and compliance matters are: area wage index process design and reviews involving large metropolitan areas, successful resolution of federal and state disproportionate share reviews and appeals, Medicare bad debt reviews and appeals, Organ Transplant reimbursement and compliance process design, due diligence for acquisitions and mergers, home office cost report strategies, CHOW's, provider based provider issues, sub provider planning and strategies and cost-based reimbursement processes. Traudi manages our reimbursement and regulatory initiatives and is located in our Dallas office. She is a member of ACHE and FHFMA and is a graduate of St. Louis University with a Masters Degree in Finance.

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  • Larry Jordan - Principal

    Larry has been in Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement for almost 30 years, which the large majority has been serving in management and oversight role with Trailblazer Health Enterprises, LLC (formerly Blue Cross of Texas, Inc.). Larry has spent many years serving as, first Auditor, Review Specialists and most recently Manager of the Administrative Contractor’s San Antonio Field Office handling cost report audits for many of the larger healthcare systems throughout Texas.

    Larry obtained his Accounting degree from St. Mary’s University and began his career working in the Accounting Department at University Hospital (Bexar County Hospital District) in the periods of “Cost Reimbursement” learning reporting principles before the days of cost reporting and reimbursement software. As mentioned, Larry has progressed into managing and reviewing cost reports for some of the larger multi-faceted healthcare systems in Texas, as U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial-Hermann, and Baptist Healthcare System in San Antonio. He has worked with all levels of reimbursement reporting, inclusive of cost based facilities, TEFRA reimbursed entities and certainly prospectively paid (PPS) as well. With his tenure in Reimbursement review and Auditing, Larry has gained an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and reporting compliance and now works with hospitals in providing reporting opportunities within the structure of program regulations.

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  • Rick Morris, CPA - Principal

    Rick is one of our Principle staff that brings over 25 years of healthcare and reimbursement reporting experience. Rick’s background includes experience from the hospital accounting and reimbursement side, as well as the Administrative Contractor. He began his career working up to a chief accountant position in a couple of different hospitals and has more recently worked with a two different Administrative Contractors in reimbursement auditing and management duties. Through his years of experience, Rick has worked with all types of hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the regions covered by the Administrative Contractors. Because of his vast knowledge and level of experience, Rick’s expertise is sought by colleagues and hospital personnel alike. Originally from Kansas, he holds an Accounting degree from Washburn University in Topeka. Rick also holds a CPA licensure through the Kansas State Board of Accountancy.

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  • Florence Ng - Principal

    Florence came to DHCG from a long tenure with the Medicare Administrative Contractor—Trailblazer Health Enterprises. Florence has almost 30 years of healthcare experience in reimbursement field audit, desk audit, and most recently, she served as Director of Provider Enrollment for Trailblazer. Florence is a real value in the enrollment and recertification process for Medicare and Medicaid, as well as provider based attestation completion. She has worked with hospitals, FQHC, RHC, SNF, HHA, and many other certified healthcare entities. Florence has participated in many training engagements where she taught administrative contractor audit staff many different facets of Medicare reimbursement. Florence, as well as the two gentlemen listed below, also worked closely with the Trailblazer quality review team to ensure compliance in meeting CMS expectations from the audit contractor perspective.

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  • Timothy LeJeune

    Timothy LeJeune comes to us with over 26 years working with Medicare Reimbursement experience, including the auditing of provider cost reports for three different Fiscal Intermediaries (FI) and Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC).

    Throughout his career, Tim has developed a thorough knowledge of Medicare requirements, policies, and procedures including a background in cost report auditing, reimbursement principles, financial analysis, budgeting, and management controls. In his career, has developed extensive knowledge of many Medicare reimbursement activities to include cost-based reimbursement, Provider-Based Determinations, HITECH (EHR) audits and reviews, scoping of field audits, appeals and Hospital Wage Index. Most recently and prior to joining Discovery Healthcare, Tim worked at Novitas Solutions, Inc. as the Director of Audit for A/B MAC Jurisdiction H. As Director of Audit, Tim directed the operations of 11 audit teams consisting of 10 to 15 audit/accounting professionals in various offices located in Dallas, TX; Columbus, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Pittsburgh, PA and Milwaukee, WI. Tim also has previous experience with the outgoing Jurisdiction 4 A/B MAC, Trailblazer Health Enterprises, LLC, as well as the FI for Kansas, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas in various management and non-management roles. Tim is a graduate of Washburn University with a BBA in Accounting

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  • Kneeley D. Lawdermilk, CPA - Partner

    Kneeley comes to us with 16 years of accounting and consulting experience, primarily in healthcare. Kneeley has been involved in public accounting and has been involved with hundreds of financial statement audits for proprietary, not for profit, and public hospitals. Kneeley was a shareholder and Audit Director for Parrish Moody & Fikes, PC, based in Waco, Texas. Kneeley's experience allows her to provide various financial accounting & consulting services. Kneeley has served for six years as a Board Member for the Texas Association for Healthcare Financial Administration (TAHFA), and is a member of HFMA. Kneeley is a graduate of Baylor University, with a BBA in Accounting. Kneeley is a CPA.

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  • Tommy L. Davis, CPA - Partner

    As with Kneeley, Tommy comes to us with over 16 years of accounting and consulting experience, primarily in healthcare. Tommy has been involved in public accounting and has been involved with hundreds of financial statement audits for proprietary, not for profit, and public hospitals. Tommy was a shareholder and Audit Director for Parrish Moody & Fikes, PC, based in Waco, Texas. Tommy's experience allows him to provide various financial accounting & consulting services. Tommy is a member of HFMA. Tommy is a graduate of New Mexico State University, with a BBA in Accounting. Tommy is a CPA.

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  • Joan Copeland - Reimbursement Consultant/Organ Transplant Specialist

    Joan Copeland has been working in healthcare reimbursement for over 24 years. She began her career working as a Medicare auditor at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas, where she conducted audits and managed audit teams in reviewing the cost reports of acute care hospitals, hospitals with major teaching programs, and disproportionate share hospitals. Her experience also includes 4 years at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, TX, coordinating the Medicare, Medicaid, and Champus reporting, and helping with the establishment of reimbursement processes for the start-up of its transplant program. Most recently, she worked for 17 years with Baylor Healthcare System/Baylor Scott and White Health, where she was responsible for its large teaching, disproportionate share, and transplant hospital. While at Baylor she coordinated all areas of reimbursement including monitoring 340b qualification, allied health programs, audits, reopenings and appeals. In addition, she is well versed in monthly contractual & reserve analysis and journal entry preparation.

    Joan has extensive knowledge of Organ Reimbursement strategies and reimbursement and has worked closely with organ procurement organizations regarding proper reporting. She has achieved exceptional results in Organ Acquisition cost report preparation, pre-transplant charge accumulation, and time study procedures and training. She also excels in Indirect Medical Education and Graduate Medical Education issues including FTE time tracking software, counting of time in non-provider settings, non-approved program reporting and the start-up of new medical education programs. Joan is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, with a BA in Accounting.

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  • Tom Johansen - Principle/Organ Transplant Specialist

    Tom has over 26 years of experience in the Medicare reimbursement field. He started his career as a Medicare auditor and for the last 20 years he has served as a reimbursement manager with both for-profit and non-profit healthcare corporations. His most recent position was Reimbursement Manager with Baylor Scott & White Health and Baylor Health Care System. As Reimbursement Manager for the systems flagship hospital Baylor University Medical Center, Tom was responsible for all aspects of Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement. Over his career Tom has gained extensive experience with Medicare & Medicaid cost report and reimbursement issues as well as the financial challenges faced by both individual and system based hospitals.

    In his capacity as reimbursement manager Tom was directly involved in the reporting, management and analysis of medical education, transplant-organ acquisition, disproportionate share adjustment, paramedical education, bad debt, Electronic Health Record (E H R) calculations, pay for performance programs , and formulation of reimbursement policies and procedures. His responsibilities included Medicare cost report filings appeals, re-openings, Medicare audits and other governmental reviews including Medicaid and OIG audits. In addition, Tom was responsible for reviewing the long range financial forecast and annual budget as well as modeling the financial impact of potential operational changes from a reimbursement perspective. Tom provided the hospital CFO with monthly contractual analysis and periodic rate testing and verification of Medicare logging system DRG calculations. He worked closely with the managed care department to ensure that appropriate payments were received for solid organ transplant claims. Tom believes a large part of his success in the reimbursement field is attributed to excellent training, exposure to many different types of healthcare organizations, establishing effective communication with stakeholders and maintaining the relationships he has established based on value added service, earned trust and mutual respect. Tom holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington, is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of HFMA and AHLA.

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